Why are Pamela’s pancakes the World’s Greatest Pancake®?

We are so glad you asked! For 30 years, consumers have continually praised our gluten-free pancakes as the best tasting pancakes available. Even those without food allergies agree that Pamela’s pancakes are unmatched in flavor.

What makes us the greatest tasting pancakes?

The secret lies in the use of almond meal and buttermilk together.  The flavor and aroma from this magical combination hit your palate just right, creating a sense of nostalgia that sends you back to when you were a kid watching the pancakes cook on the stovetop with anticipation.

There’s just something about the combination of high quality ingredients, delectable flavors, and a lot of love that provides the trifecta of deliciousness in every bite of Pamela’s pancakes!


This mix is the foundation for the BEST pancakes ever!

Robyn (W)

Better than home-made pancakes with gluten!


I love Pamela's Baking Mix. Makes the BEST waffles and pancakes!


Family members, who unlike me don’t need to eat gluten-free, prefer this over regular pancakes. All of the Pamela’s products are excellent and always my first choice over others.

Judi N

I love this product. Makes the best pancakes and waffles. I have served it to my friends and they did not know it was gluten free.

Kate Davis

Great taste and quality, especially for GF- wouldn’t know if it wasn’t written in package!

Kapper Richmond

Me and my family have been using this mix for about 10 years. It makes perfect pancakes and waffles!

Joy Bradway

This makes the best waffles and pancakes!

Jenn Kahler

This is the best pancake mix I have ever used and/or tasted!

Larry M

After trying lots of gluten free pancake mixes, this is the best!

Julia H

This delicious mix makes beautiful brown flavorful waffles that are light and airy with the right amount of density.

D. Wood

I tried dozens of gluten free pancake mixes when I found out I needed to be gluten free. Pamela’s is by far the best mix ever.

Author's name

We love this pancake mix. Our friends who are not GF prefer this pancake mix over regular pancake mix.

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