Original Pancakes

The original Pamela’s pancake recipe — still hands down the family favorite for breakfast! Made with Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix.


    Yield: six- 4 inch pancakes


    Preheat griddle over medium-low (350°F) and lightly oil. Mix all ingredients together until there are no lumps. Batter should be pourable, but not too thin. Add more water or mix as needed. Pour 1/4 cup batter onto griddle for each pancake. Cook until bubbles start to form and edges start to dull. Flip once. When cooked through, remove and serve immediately with fresh butter and real maple syrup.


    Extra pancakes can be cooked, cooled, wrapped in plastic, and frozen. To reheat, remove plastic. Wrap stack of pancakes in a paper towel and microwave until hot, about one minute, 15 to 20 seconds for one pancake.


    Chocolate Chip Pancakes: Sprinkle mini chocolate chips on top of raw batter after you have poured it out onto the pan, but before you flip to cook the second side. Add a few more on top!

    Chocolate & Cinnamon Pancakes: Add mini chocolate chips and cinnamon to the batter and sprinkle a little extra on top.

    Chocolate & Orange Pancakes: Add mini chocolate chips and orange zest or juice to the batter.

    Blueberry Pancakes: Add blueberries on top of raw batter after you have poured it out onto the pan, but before you flip to cook the second side. Add a few more on top!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Paige Smith

This recipe a ten out of ten! My mom has been making this for me ever since I could remember! If you want to try this, do it now! If you are looking for some additions to your pancakes, put in blueberries and chocolate chips it will taste amazing!


Love, love these pancakes! I use unsweetened almond milk instead of water and replace oil for applesauce, delicious! Thank you Pamela!!


This is the best pancake mix on the market. I compared it to three others and it was by far the best

Linda Bittenbender

I just used the baking and pancake mix this morning for pancakes. Adults and children alike loved it. I just added a little orange Zest into it for a little something special. The texture and flavor were both excellent. Sorry no pic, we devoured them before I could think of it. What’s left out there maybe

Emily W

Just used the “same great product - new look” version and really didn’t like the new formulation - it was very pasty and the kids were not happy with the taste! So sorry but we won’t be purchasing your product again