Ultra Rich Brownies
Not your average brownie! For those who love a deep, dark chocolate brownie.
Turtle Brownies
Traditional candy turtles with caramel, chocolate and nuts are the inspiration for this delectable brownie treat. Made with our Chocolate...
Turtle Brownie in a Cup Recipe
Using a cup or small bowl and a microwave, you can make a delicious chocolate, caramel and nut dessert in...
Triple Chocolate Nutella Brownies
Rich fudgy brownies layered with Nutella, chocolate chips, and chocolate chunks.
S'mores Brownie Bars
Eat gooey chocolaty S’Mores without the fuss of a campfire, or the patience needed for the perfect marshmallow. Made with...
Rocky Road Brownies Recipe
If you like Rocky Road Candy bars and Rocky Road Ice Cream, now you can have Rocky Road Brownies to...
Raspberry or Strawberry Brownies in a Cup
Using a cup or small bowl and a microwave, you can make a delicious chocolate and berry dessert in a...
Double Mint Brownies
The fabulous combination of chocolate and mint hits a home run with this double good brownie. Made with our Chocolate...
Double Chocolate Frosted Brownie Hearts
Make hearts using our Brownie Mix and then frost with dark and milk chocolate.
Oil-Free Butter-Free Brownies
Applesauce replaces the oil and butter in this Chocolate Brownie recipe.
Mocha Brownies
Chocolate and coffee — a delicious combination.
Irresistible Cookies
No one can resist these delicious, chocolate cookies made from brownie mix.
Irresistible Brownies with Butter
Butter is added to this recipe to produce a rich, dark chocolate brownie.
Irresistible Brownies
This is Pamela’s original recipe for brownies using the Chocolate Brownie Mix. Variations on this recipe include: Irresistible Brownies with Butter, Cake-Like...
Graduation Cap Brownies
These are a fun, easy and delicious way to celebrate the graduate!
German Chocolate Brownies
The additions of coconut and toasted pecans make ordinary brownies truly amazing.
Fudgiest Brownies
Just add oil and water and you have a fudgy treat!
Egg-Free Brownies
Enjoy the delicious rich flavor of cake-like chocolate brownies, only without the eggs.
Creme De' Menthe Brownies
Enjoy this rich chocolate mint dessert made with our Chocolate Brownie Mix.
Creme De Menthe Brownies
This recipe is great for a party — your guests will be amazed at the delicate brownie perfectly matched with...
Brownie Waffles
These waffles are a fun dessert or a breakfast treat. See the video: How To Make Brownie Waffles