Sweet Chocolate Cake
This crowd-pleasing cake stays moist for days, though it won’t stick around that long!
Sweet and Savory Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches
This recipe offers both options in one: Savory, with sliced ham, herbed creme fraiche and a runny fried egg, and...
Swedish Pancakes
Make ahead and keep the batter in the refrigerator; this easy and fast breakfast with great flavors tastes more like...
Sugar Cookies
Enjoy simple sugar cookies to cut out. Made with Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix.
Submarine Sandwich Roll
This is a delightful ciabatta-style, chewy and soft bread that will truly stand up as a submarine sandwich.
Stuffed Cheese Buns
A deliciously cheesy stuffed bun is a great side for any dish. Made with our Bread Mix. Recipe and photo...
Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler
A fruity spring and summer dessert made with fresh rhubarb and strawberries and topped with fluffy gluten-free biscuits. Also dairy-...
Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake
This “poke cake” combines vanilla cake with strawberry jam and lemon frosting for a pretty and delicious dessert. Made with...
Strawberry Coconut Muffins
Fresh strawberries and flaky coconut mingle to create a sweet and healthy gluten-free muffin. Recipe and photo courtesy of The...
Strawberry Biscuits with Lemon Curd Whipped Cream
Use fresh strawberries and lemon to create a sweet biscuit. Made with Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix. Recipe and photo...
Strawberry Banana Quick Bread
Easy to make and perfect for your next brunch. Made with Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix. Recipe and photo created...
Sticky Buns
These Sticky Buns are sweet & gooey, soft & light. Made with Pamela’s All-Purpose Flour Artisan Blend.
Steak & Ale Pie
A traditional meat pie with just the right amount of beefy chunks and mushrooms in a savory gravy, and the...
Stained Glass Window Cookies
Stained Glass Window Cookies are fun to make, striking in appearance and delicious. Made with our All-Purpose Flour Artisan Blend.
Stacked Star Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies
Tasty, and it makes an enchanting centerpiece! Made with our Pamela’s All-Purpose Flour Artisan Blend.
Spritz Thumbprint Cookies
Pure simplicity, these tender cookies are full of old world charm and your favorite jam. Made with Pamela’s All-Purpose Flour...
Spiderweb Sugar Cookies
Kids will love to help make and decorate these spooky Halloween treats!
Savory White Cheddar Scones
These white cheddar, sun-dried pepper, and rosemary scones are the trifecta of deliciousness. Made with our Biscuit & Scone Mix....
Seven Layer Bars
Easy to make, sweet, and chewy; these cookies are a classic recipe everyone can enjoy. Made with Pamela’s Honey Grahams.
Seeded Dinner Rolls with Nut Flour Blend
These are just the kind of dinner rolls you’ll want to serve; they have great flavor and texture, with the...
Seasoned Croutons
Use these croutons in Sausage Stuffing or other stuffing recipes for extra flavor, or in salads and soups.