Red Velvet Waffles
Red velvet for breakfast? Why not! Don’t forget the cream cheese frosting. Made with Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix.
Red Velvet Pancakes (Dairy-Free)
Make a breakfast special with these gluten-free and dairy-free Red Velvet Pancakes made with our Bread Mix. Try also our Red...
Red Velvet Pancakes
Try these creative pancakes for breakfast with a colorful twist.
Red Velvet Cake or Cupcakes with Vanilla Cake Mix
With Pamela’s Vanilla Cake Mix and just a few extra ingredients, this Southern tradition is easy to make for your...
Grilled Pizza Crust
Enjoy pizza made on the barbecue with this step-by-step recipe for grilling a pizza crust. Top with anything you like.
Red Velvet Cake or Cupcakes
This traditional Southern specialty will satisfy your cravings—it is a light, sweet, and soft cake.
Raspberry or Strawberry Brownies in a Cup
Using a cup or small bowl and a microwave, you can make a delicious chocolate and berry dessert in a...
Rainbow Pizza
This is a fun way to enjoy your gluten-free pizza and eat your veggies!
Quinoa & Flaxseed Multi-Grain Bread
Quinoa, flax and sesame are nutritious additions to Pamela’s delicious Bread Mix!
Quiche Lorraine and Florentine Appetizers
An appetizer that everyone can enjoy. Make ahead of time and freeze for a quick warm up at the last...
Quiche Florentine
Make this outstanding vegetarian dish for brunch or dinner. Your family and guests will love the delicate flavors of the...
Pumpkin Soup with Sage Gruyere Crostini
Satisfying soup with a tasty crunch.
Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses
This is such a fun way to make a magical, candy filled dream, without the hassle of making gingerbread. Made...
Pumpkin Quick Bread
This bread will surpass your greatest expectations—it is full of flavor, soft, and wonderfully spiced.
Pumpkin Pie with Artisan Crust
Traditional Pumpkin Pie just (about) like Grandma used to make (but gluten-free!).
Chewy Pizza Crust
Delight in a fresh from the oven pizza with your favorite toppings on a this traditional chewy, bready crust. Made...
Carrot Cake with Vanilla Cake Mix
The vanilla flavor from Pamela’s Classic Vanilla Cake Mix is a nice addition to an already delicious cake.
Pumpkin Pie
Using real cream will elevate your pumpkin pie to a new level of deliciousness. Made with Pamela’s Bread Mix.
Cassava Flour Pancakes
Surprise and delight your loved ones with these tasty, fluffy, gluten-free and grain-free Paleo pancakes. For added decadence, try serving...
Pumpkin Oatmeal Molasses Cookies
Soft, tender, and perfectly spiced pumpkin oatmeal cookies with a hint of molasses. Made with our All-Purpose Flour Artisan Blend.
Egg Nog Spiced Slice And Bake Cookies
These cookies are positively dreamy with the buttery, sandy texture of shortbread and the flavor of egg nog. The best...