Chocolate Cake Mix, 21 oz.
Chocolate Cake Mix, 21 oz.
Chocolate Cake Mix, 21 oz.
Chocolate Cake Mix, 21 oz.

Chocolate Cake Mix, 21 oz.

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Pamela’s gluten-free Chocolate Cake Mix produces a dark, moist, rich and delicious chocolate cake that will satisfy everyone. Perfect for birthday cakes and cupcakes!
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Gluten-free home baker
Great Cake

The Chocolate Cake Mix makes a Great Cake. People have no idea that it is gluten free. Love it!

Love all Pamela GF products!

After years of eating rice cakes and other “cardboard” facsimiles of food you could hear the joy all the way down the street after the first bite of bread then it was cupcakes, cornbread! Absolutely fabulous!
I must add that someone in your packaging department is slicing the bags. At first I thought it was me finding the top bread bag sliced to the point flour was everywhere and unusable. I thought I did it upon opening but I read in others’ comments of the same thing happening. They should all be docked pay til you find the culprit. Hopefully retraining may be all thats needed. Too expensive a problem for your customers to have.
Thank you still for your goods are Fabulous!

Simply the Best

I made cupcakes Today! Just ate one cooled cupcake. Wonderful, moist great texture!! I will use this for wedding chocolate cupcakes this September 30 2023 for gluten free! Again fabulous. Any white gluten free cupcakes? Thank you

Mishelle Pagels

I ordered the cake mix to make cupcakes for a graduation party, they were delicious. Thank you for making such a delicious moist chocolate cake 😃

Julia F.
QC in shipping department needs retrained

Unfortunately one of the bags of Chocolate Cake mix was sliced open and created a mess inside the shipment box. I could not use the product. The cupcakes I made with the undamaged bag turned out well and I would purchase again. This is the second time this has happened when ordering from Pamela's. The first time a damage shipment happened two of the biscuit mixes were sliced open.

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