Biscuit and Scone Mix, 13 oz.
Biscuit and Scone Mix, 13 oz.
Biscuit and Scone Mix, 13 oz.

Biscuit and Scone Mix, 13 oz.

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Enjoy biscuits and scones anytime you want them! With two simple ingredients added to this mix, you can make delicious sweet or savory biscuits, and tender scones for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Serve them with everything from butter and honey, to gravy. No eggs needed!
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Customer Reviews

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Kimberlie Flowers
Biscuits are great!

This mix was very easy to use, and the biscuits were soft and just like shortcake!

Anne Veit
Super delicious scones

These scones or biscuits taste great. You’d never know they were gluten free.

Sandi Sunde
The bes of the best biscuits🎉

These biscuits were so light and flakey . This will be my go to for biscuits . Yummm

Adam Kennedy
Works well for dumplings too!

While this mix definitely behaves when it comes to Southern style biscuits, even when the recipe is played with a bit (adjusted the butter/substituted vegetable shortening/added some sour cream/made 1/4 of mix at a time), it also apparently has more versatility than I was expecting?
Made a batch of biscuits, and on a whim decided to see if the dough would behave like conventional wheat dough when boiled, so I scraped the remnants from my bowl sides, brought a bit of water to a rolling boil, and dropped a bit in, expecting to end up with a soupy mess...
Whaddya know?! It fluffed out and popped up to the top of the liquid just like the 'real' thing! The outside was soft and doughy, and the inside had fluffed beautifully! Now I will be able to enjoy chicken 'n' dumplings again!

Winnie Ward
Great Gluten-Free Scones!

I made some really yummy cranberry and almond scones with this mix. Pamela's is the best!

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