Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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Pamela’s Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies are rich, crispy gluten-free chocolate cookies filled with dark chocolate chunks that melt in your mouth. How can you resist?
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Super gluten free Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

These gluten free Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies contain extra chocolate chips and are an excellent cookie not too sweet, not too dry, with the proper depth of cocoa (chocolate), these cookies are just right. They will go well as a snack, as a 'tea cookie,' or as a dipping cookie for those who like to dunk their cookies in coffee or tea. Superior Cookie. Well Done. Thank you.

Joan Griswold
The best

As I wrote before, these are THE BEST store bought chocolate chocolate chip cookies EVER! They are far better than my tried and true homemade recipe. And all my friends agree. I’m perplexed why you increased their size and now pack fewer cookies. I preferred the smaller size before, but I’m happy to eat any sized chocolate cookie you make. It’s also strange my two local stores that used to carry this cookie no longer do so. They still carry other Pamela products though. Most curious.

Robin Vaughan

The best gluten free items that can’t be beat!

Elizabeth Pinelli
Crunchie Brownie Deliciousness

These little fun shapped “crackers” remind me of eating those crunchy brownie bits stuck in the pan! The little bits and side pieces. You know, the ones that are kind of stuck to the pan they are like that!! Delicious crunchy brownie parts! no gluten and nice and neat to eat or take for a snack. Great job!

Elizabeth, Thank you so much for the review - that is a great way to describe the Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies!



Chocolate chunk cook

The most delicious gluten free cookie on the market. Boxes are packed with care so that the cookies do not crumble before I receive them.

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