Paleo Berry Crumble Bars
Love at first bite! These paleo berry bars are a healthy snack that tastes like candy!
Paleo Banana Walnut Muffins
These muffins are light, moist and flavorful; kids of all ages will love these little gems. Paleo-friendly!
Paleo Apple Crisp
This crisp recipe is easy, sweet, spicy, and delicious, with the sugary-tart taste of apples (or basically any fruit you...
Paleo Apple Cinnamon Muffins
These special muffins are incredibly delicious and easy to make.
Paleo Almond Bread with Pumpkin Seeds
Toasted pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, add great texture and savory flavor to this supple bread.
Paleo Almond Bread
This is a protein-packed bread, which can be assembled and baked in less than an hour.
Nut Flour Crust with Coconut Custard
The combination of the smooth custard and the crust made with our Nut Flour Blend is sweet delight.
Nut Flour Crust for No-Bake Filling
Make grain-free desserts with this crust made from our Nut Flour Blend.
Morning Shake with Nut Flour Sprinkle
Use whatever fruit is fresh and flavorful — this is a good way to use extra ripe bananas. Topped with...
Morning Glory Muffins with Coconut Flour
Tasty muffins packed with the goodness of fruit, veggies and nuts – and without grains? We’re in! You will be...
Lemon Squares
Delicate and delightfully lemony, these squares are a snap to make.
Lemon Cookies
A delightfully light and fresh-flavored cake-like cookie that is incredibly easy to make.
Grain-Free Toffee Bars
A sweet treat made with our Nut Flour Blend.
Grain-Free Streusel Topping
Sprinkle on muffins or cupcakes before baking, or use as a topping on ice cream or yogurt. Made with our Nut...
Grain-Free Paleo Waffles
Crispy waffles without the grains.
Grain-Free Paleo Pancakes
These grain-free pancakes have a unique texture and naturally sweet taste.
Grain-Free Orange Cake
Real oranges and our Nut Flour Blend combine to make a zesty, grain-free dessert.
Grain-Free Meatballs
Light and tender, these protein-rich meatballs are baked. The whole family will eat them up!
Grain-Free Meat Loaf
This recipe substitutes Pamela’s Nut Flour Blend for cracker crumbs.
Grain-Free Hearty Muffins
This recipe features 3 TBSP raw veggies per muffin, plus extra protein and fiber from nuts, seeds and coconut. Made...
Grain-Free Flourless Chocolate Cake
Tall, light, moist, and tender, this flourless chocolate cake is extraordinary.