Pick the ripest, most luscious fruit of the season and add whipped cream to this sweet cake – you will fall in love! Made with our Baking & Pancake Mix.


    *Edited -- these shortcakes may spread to be flatter than a traditional shortcake. We suggest that you top them with berries and cream, or use English muffin rings to make them taller.

    Mix dry ingredients.

    Cut in shortening or butter with pastry blender or two knives. Work until pieces are the size of peas. Add milk until just mixed.

    Turn out onto board well dusted with Pamela’s mix and pat into a rectangle. Don’t squish down, leave as plump as possible. Square up sides with flat edge of knife. Cut into 4 pieces.

    Bake on parchment on cookie sheet at 375° for 15 to 17 minutes. Split into top and bottom. Layer with sweetened whipped cream and berries or peaches.

    Chef's Note:

    Make shortcake with butter instead of shortening for a very rich dessert.

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Customer Reviews

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Kate Dominick
Chill the dough

I haven't tried this recipe yet, but look forward to trying it soon! I've read the reviews and noticed many state that the shortcakes didn't rise or were flat. Just a thought but chilling the dough for 15-30 minutes should solve that problem, especially if using butter. Cold butter creates air pockets as the dough bakes and the butter melts resulting in a lighter fluffier shortcake. Hope this helps.

Shawna Bogart
Watch close

Mine turned out flat and burned so watch close

Susan Malinowski

I made with butter and they taste delicious. They were flat however. Next time I will try rolling into a ball and baking,


For my very delicious shortcake, I did NOT turn it out onto a board ... instead I used my small toaster oven baking sheet (about 6" x 10" with edges). I did NOT bake on parchment but instead heavily buttered my pan, then spooned the whole batch onto the pan and lightly spread the dough towards the edges. I cut my cake into 4 pieces AFTER it had baked and cooled. Even though the cake is flat, I was able to slice the pieces horizontally to make tops & bottoms. Next time I'm gonna add some cinnamon! PS - the butter from the pan soaks into the bottom of the cake making it extra yummilicious!


These turned out fantastic! I used a muffin tin and then cut the tops apart from the bottoms and filled the inside with whipped cream and berries. Delicious.