Sheridan's Healthy Granola Muffins

A perfect breakfast muffin, these are packed with nutrition. Also great for a delicious, healthy snack! 2011 Recipe Contest Honorable Mention by Sherri O.


    Yield: 6 Muffins

      Dry ingredients mixture
    • 2 cups Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix
    • 2 tsp cinnamon, ground
    • 1 tsp nutmeg, ground
    • 1 tsp salt (optional)
    • 1/4 cup uncooked oatmeal (gluten-free)
    • 2 tbsp raw, chopped walnuts
    • 2 tbsp raw, chopped almonds
    • 2 tbsp raw, chopped pumpkin seeds
    • 2 tbsp raw, chopped sunflower seeds
    • 2 tbsp raw, chopped flax seeds
    • 2 tbsp coconut, shredded (preferably unsweetened)
    • 1/4 cup chopped raisins or dried cranberries or apricots
    • Wet ingredients mixture
    • 1/2 cup brown sugar
    • 1/4 cup turbo sugar
    • 1/4 cup olive oil
    • 1 1/2 tbsp maple extract OR vanilla extract
    • 2 eggs, large
    • Other
    • 1/2 cup apple juice

    Preheat oven to 350° degrees.

    Spray large size six muffin pan with cooking oil, including the top of the muffin pan.

    Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

    Beat by hand wet ingredients in a separate bowl, then add mixture to the dry ingredients. Add apple juice. Mix well. Divide batter evenly into muffin cups, fill each cup to the top. Bake about 25 minutes. Cool in pan or on counter or wire rack.

    Excellent with honey-butter (1 tbsp honey to 2 tbsp butter).

    Chef's Note: This recipe will also make 10 regular size muffins. Muffin flavor is better the second day.

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Customer Reviews

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Super Yummy!

Loved these! I decided to make 12 small muffins, and they are the perfect guilt free snack this way!


Is it prepared oatmeal that is put in, or gluten free oats that are uncooked?


I love these and so do the people in my house who are not GF! They freeze nicely, which is great for snack on the run. I use flax seed and water for an egg substitute and add a medium sized Apple (Honeycrisp) chopped up, which helps them stay moist. I also use freshly grated nutmeg, which makes them extra delicious.