Luscious Chocolate Cake

This is a moist, rich cake that everyone will love. Great for birthday cakes and cupcakes!


    Preheat oven to 350°. Whisk together eggs. oil, and water well, then add dry mix and stir to combine. DO NOT OVERMIX. Pour batter into lightly greased baking pan. Use pans and bake times listed below. Remove cake when toothpick comes out almost clean.

    When cool, frost with Pamela's Vanilla Frosting or Dark Chocolate Frosting, whipped cream, your favorite frosting, powdered sugar, cover with berries, or use nothing at all!

    Options: Add a 3rd egg for a lighter cake. For denser cake, use 1 1/4 cups water.

    Bake Times and Yield:

    two 8" rounds -- bake 22 to 28 minutes -- two 1-1/2″ high layers

    one 9" square -- 34 to 40 minutes -- one 2″ high square cake

    one 9x3" pan -- 24 to 30 minutes -- one 1″ high sheet cake

    cupcake (fill 2/3 full) -- 16 to 22 minutes -- 14 cupcakes

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Customer Reviews

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Tim cake lover

I love your cake. Would almond milk make a good sub for the water. How will it work in a Dutch oven while camping? What about a toaster oven? If you got some cook times or suggestions that be sweet! Thanks for A GREAT CAKE!!!


The best df gf chocolate cake (and cupcakes) I’ve ever had!

Wondering if anyone’s tried this mix as a cake roll. If so, did you alter the recipe at all? Thanks in advance!


Can you suggest a substitute for the 2 eggs when making the chocolate cake? Thanks for your suggestion. I very much appreciate it.

Joey W

Hi there!

Would these cupcakes freeze well? Hoping to make a batch for my daughter and keep them in the freezer to pull one out whenever we go to a birthday party.


What oil did you use? Can I use coconut oil or light olive oil?