Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

This is such a fun way to make a magical, candy filled dream, without the hassle of making gingerbread. Made with Pamela’s Graham Crackers.



      Building Blocks
    • 2 boxes Pamela’s Honey Grahams, Cinnamon Grahams or Chocolate Grahams, your choice
      Royal Icing
    • 1 bag Vanilla Frosting Mix
    • 2 egg whites
    • ½ tsp cream of Tartar
    • Dots
    • Gum Drops
    • Haribo Berries
    • Jelly Bellies
    • Jujubes
    • Junior M & Ms
    • Junior Mints
    • Necco Wafers
    • Peppermints, green and red
    • Sno Caps
    • *Make sure candy is GF
    • Pastry Bag or plastic wrap fitted with small plain tip
    • 8-inch cardboard cake rounds for each
    • small offset spatula
    • serrated knife


    With stand or hand mixer, whip the egg whites with the cream of Tartar until smooth, and sharp peaks form. Add frosting and mix well. Fill pastry bag fitted with a small plain tip, for decorating and gluing pieces together. Reserve some frosting for the cake rounds which will act as base for the house and winter landscape.


    Use whole pieces for sides and roof. With serrated knife, carefully trim off any nubs on the edges of all crackers. To make two sets of walls, run a bead of glue on one long edge and carefully stick the other graham into the bead forming a 90°/square corner. Set on parchment lined sheet pan to dry. Glue second set of crackers together in the same manner, and allow to firm up with first set. When completely dry glue the two sets together forming the base of the cabin. For accents; cut with serrate knife some smaller pieces to make doors, steps, etc. Use different kind of cracker than the walls, and they will really add pizzazz.


    Use two whole pieces, turned sideways; the long edge forms the ridgeline and overhangs, front and back. The trickiest part is cutting the 2 triangles that sit on top of the walls, and hold the roof up. A 90° angle will make a very steep pitched roof, so a more wide angle will make a more normal looking roof. Take one cracker and using the serrated knife, cut one side of the triangle, with long edge toward you, from the corner at the bottom to the middle of the top. Repeat on the other side. Apply light even pressure, so that you are cutting a little at a time and not crunching through. Use the Cinnamon or Chocolate Grahams for a sparkly, frosty roof.


    Open up all the candy packages, and use small bowls or paper muffin cups, to keep candy separated but ready to use. Cut some of the larger candies in half; dark jelly bellies will make great rock fireplaces. Gumdrops are sparkly on the outside and full of color on the inside. Get creative, this is the fun part. You want things cut up and ready, because once you frost the base, you have to work fairly fast before the royal icing sets up.


    Frost the cardboard cake round like you would the top of a cake, and place on a clean piece of parchment. Place cabin without roof in the center of the frosted round. Carefully work on the landscaping while the cabin dries in place. Pick where the front door will be and add a step. Now add a pathway from the step. Add some ‘flowers’ and ‘bushes’. Lay a red or green peppermint on the flat side and add a matching gumdrop with its base trimmed so it will stick to the gumdrop, or use some of the frosting/glue to stick the candies together. Use mini blue M & Ms to make a pond. Cut the black berries in half and make a stone foundation around the bottom of the cabin. Use your imagination and have fun.

    Allow the whole thing to dry before adding the roof. Run a bead of frosting around the tops of all four walls. Add beads of frosting to the tops of the two end triangles and place opposite each other. Now add one roof piece, nestling it into the frosting on top of the triangles, add the second roof piece, and gently press into the frosting. Now add a generous bead of frosting where the two roof pieces come together on top, to hold the ridgeline together. Use some jujubes or mini M & Ms to decorate.

    Allow roof addition to dry before completing the decorating of the cabin. Use the frosting to add scalloped shingles on the roof, widows, etc. Use frosting to add small pieces of candies with whimsical imagination.


    Use crackers cut in half for walls and roof. Remember to smooth out the edges for a good fit together.


    Use a whole cracker glued together with a half to make a large side, repeat for second wall. Let these dry completely before gluing together with regular size for the corner pieces.

    CHEFS NOTE: Keep the pastry bag of frosting ready to use in a tall, heavy glass, tip down. Practice cutting the crackers with the serrated knife and you won’t waste too many.

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