Chocolate Pound Cake Cookies

Enjoy your a delicious, dense chocolate pound cake, baked into a a decadent cookie!
Courtesy of Stephanie M. of Virginia


    Mix all ingredients together. Use teaspoon to scoop dough into rounds. Bake on parchment lined sheet in a preheated 325º oven for 11 minutes.

Customer Reviews

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Kris Smith

Has anyone tried freezing these? I was wondering how it worked and if anyone had any tips. Thanks!

Nina R

These are amazing. I buy the 25# bag of chocolate cake mix on Amazon and was looking for different recipes. (The plus of buying the big bag is saving a ton of money; the minus is no recipes on the bag!) I used a medium-sized cookie scoop and made ice cream sandwiches with these cookies -- best ever!! New family favorite.

Vilna Treitler

I dislike chocolate, my husband worships it. I have one son who dislikes chocolate like I do, and another who worships it, like his father. I buy gluten free baking stuff in bulk to save money; but half of us cannot live with chocolate and the other half cannot live without it, so making cakes never satisfies. One group gets the cake they like, the other group has to see a cake they don't like on the kitchen counter for a week. I buy this cake mix by the case, and make *these cookies.* The recipe makes enough cookies to last a while - a whole cake would not be able to last that long without going bad. And my son can have his chocoholism fulfilled while still sparing the rest of us - 'cause we'd have to help him eat that chocolate cake or cupcakes to avoid waste. Too bad I don't like chocolate, so I cannot really appreciate them, but yes, I've actually tried these cookies and they do taste great. And they look good too! I also send a bag of these with my son to birthday parties - and he's so happy with these that he doesn't mind at all not having cake after the "happy birthday" singing moment. Yes, they're that good. This recipe should be printed on the BAG - no one should have to wait so long as to root around the internet to find out about these cookies.