Grain-Free Pancake Mix, 10 OZ
Grain-Free Pancake Mix, 10 OZ

Grain-Free Pancake Mix, 10 OZ

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Pamela’s Grain-Free Pancake Mix made with nuts takes pancakes or waffles into a remarkable new direction! In addition to great taste, it has 20% daily value of fiber per serving, 6 grams of protein as prepared with almond milk, and is a good source of calcium too.
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Susan Richardson
Great morning

Love your product

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For decades I made my own pancake batter. Time had come to search for an equal substitute. My daughter and I have tasted every kind of grain-free, dairy free, no sugar pancake mix. Pamela’s Grain Free mix is by far the most superior. Adequate protein and fiber, no added sugar, and cooks well. We bought a waffle maker just because the pancakes were so tasty. The waffles win the prize!! I thin them out slightly with a small amount of liquid (homemade almond or cashew milk) and add cinnamon to the batter. We have various special dietary needs. I highly recommend Pamela’s Grain-Free Pancake mix. I have introduced this product to a Crohn’s person, a cancer survivor, a person on Keto, a very advanced senior with sensitive digestion. I buy for them too.
I found the first box in a store. Now it's impossible to locate this product among the Pamela's products in stores. I see you sell the mix on Amazon. I much prefer to shop Pamela's website to keep you in business.

Kids love it!

Would love an Organic version - Can you post if Herbicide/Glyphosate Free?

Debra Jones

Delicious Pancake Mix

Elena ostrovsky
One and the only one!

I love Pamela mixes. I used these products for years. In taste, quality, and easiness of use it is one of the best! I always order from Pamela in advance to make sure I have this perfect mixes when I need them. Thank you, Pamela! Could you please make also dairy free brownies mix?

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