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We’re excited to announce that Ancient Harvest and Pamela’s joined forces on December 31, 2019, uniting two, heritage gluten-free brands in a marriage that will help raise the profile of both product lines as well as pave the way for development of innovative new gluten-free foods. You’ll get the same quality and taste you’ve come to expect from Ancient Harvest and Pamela’s, along with the same commitment to providing healthy options for the millions of consumers who need or prefer gluten-free options.

Ancient Harvest has been cooking up modern versions of ancient foods for more than 35 years providing great-tasting, gluten-free pastas, quinoa, hot cereal and more.

“I launched Pamela’s Products in 1988 to provide great-tasting gluten-free products for people with special dietary needs. The gluten-free space has exploded over the years, and the company has grown accordingly,” said Pamela Giusto-Sorrells founder and President of Pamela’s Products. “Joining forces with Ancient Harvest ensures that our commitment to delivering the best gluten-free foods will continue with a company that has the same values and dedication to quality that have put us on the map.”

To learn more about Ancient Harvest, visit their WEBSITE and sign up for their email newsletter for more delicious gluten-free recipes!

We wish you all a happy 2020 full of good food and good health.


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