Yogurt Parfait with Nut Blend Topping

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What a beautiful way to start your day. Topped with our Nut Flour Blend.

Yogurt Parfait with Nut Blend Topping

Yield: two large or 4 medium size parfaits

Yogurt Parfait with Nut Blend Topping



Combine 1½ cups yogurt and 1 cup raspberries in a blender until thick and blended. Set aside.

Build parfait starting with a TBSP of honey and some berries in a tall, wide mouth glass. Next, spoon ½ the plain yogurt in the middle of glass and add berries around the edge. Layer ½ the raspberry yogurt topped with 1 more TBSP honey. Ring the edge of the glass with sliced bananas. Repeat combination starting with layer of plain yogurt. Complete by dusting the top with a spoonful of PAMELA’S NUT FLOUR BLEND.

Chef’s Note: If pressed for time, use 2 different flavors of commercial yogurt for layering the parfaits. Eliminate the honey if using sweetened yogurt.

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