By Meal: Hanukkah

Pumpkin and Buckwheat Blini with Fresh Fruit ‘Caviar’ Topping

Blini, small buckwheat pancakes, are traditionally served with sour cream or crème fraiche with caviar and chives, smoked salmon, apple sauce, or jam. These, with pumpkin, are flavorful and easy. Great for appetizers or brunch. Made with our Baking & Pancake Mix and Pumpkin Bread Mix.

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A gluten-free rugelach recipe to share on Hanukkah or any other time.

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Pumpkin Pie Donuts

Pumpkin Pie Donuts

Use a donut pan and bake up these wonderful pumpkin donuts with maple glaze!

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Sweet Crepes

Cheese Blintzes

These sweet cheese-filled crepes make a wonderful brunch or dessert.

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Potato Latkes

There’s no reason to miss out on this traditional food. Just use one of our gluten-free flour blends to replace the wheat flour.

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Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons

These macaroons are easy, chewy and delicious. No eggs required.

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Cider Buttermilk Donuts

No frying! Use a mini donut maker for a fun treat, or bake in the oven. Quick, easy and so delicious!

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Challah Bread with Artisan Flour

Gluten-free challah!

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Quick Donut Holes

Love donuts (doughnuts)? These quick and easy donut holes are so delicious – you won’t miss the rest of it!

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Mini Apple Fritters

These delicious apple fritters offer a mix of tart apples with sweet glaze. The perfect combination. Made with our Baking & Pancake Mix.

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