Pamela’s Story

When we think of bakeries we dream of the delicious treats of childhood, of cakes and frosting, cookies and pies…

and I believe everyone should get to experience decadent and satisfying foods. When I was a child, our natural food bakery meant to me awful-tasting special-diet cookies and brown, heavy whole grain breads!

The Golden Crescent

Grandfather Matthew & The Golden Crescent. Circa 1941

My grandparents started one of the first health food stores (and bakery) in San Francisco. Growing up in the Health Food Industry, I was given the “weird” food to take to school by way of heavy, nutty breads and small, dry health food cookies or with carob instead of chocolate. No one wanted to trade food with me!

I spent my summers in my family’s bakery, packing rice and soy cookies for people with special dietary needs. Although these dry, tasteless cookies were in high demand, they were not particularly appetizing. At a young age, I could relate to those who had to eat these “weird” foods. I imagined life with food allergies and without the joys of a great chocolate chip cookie. I pondered my own enjoyment of cookies and food and contemplated what life would be like if all I could eat were the rice and soy cookies I packed everyday.

Grandmother Amelia at Trade Show

Grandmother Amelia at a Trade Show. Circa 1959

I suggested making the wheat-free and gluten-free cookies taste better, but I was told that “the allergy people were fine and happy to have something”. Back then the Health Food Industry was much less interested in taste. Health food was known to be dry, hard, and crumbly but always nutritious.

Baking & Pancake Mix

Baking & Pancake Mix, the first product with pastel art theme

In 1988, after college I left the family business to start my own independent company founded on the premise that wheat-free and gluten-free foods can taste great and that everyone should have food delicious enough to celebrate. My company, Pamela’s Products, continues to lead the industry with award winning decadent and delicious gluten-free foods.

Much has changed since those days; Health Food is now called Natural Food and most people are concerned about nutrition and taste equally. Although my company is part of the Natural Food Industry I always strive for something better, something different.

I have always insisted on eye catching, brightly colored labels instead of the dreary packaging of the day, I was the first to use real butter when everyone else was using oil, and today I lead the pack by insisting on the finest ingredients such as imported European Dark Chocolate and true crystallized ginger for my most delectable treats.

IMG_0133Pamela’s Products has had a far reaching impact on the gluten-free food market and the Natural Food Industry. I love what I do and everyone I’ve met along the way. I continue to take pleasure in finding new flavor combinations and creating tasty new products to celebrate with friends. I hope you enjoy my products too!


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