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Back to School!

Summer is winding down. Now the kids are back in school, and we are all settling back into a regular routine. It also means time to start pre-planning school lunches and meals, which is particularly important when you and your loved ones live a gluten-free lifestyle. We have some new, fun recipes for you to make for the entire family, and some creative ideas for the school lunch box. We have also got some tips for adjusting to the back-to-school schedules and more.

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Gluten-Free Fuel for School
Pamela and her team have hit the kitchen to bake up some new recipes to help you survive the daunting task of meal-planning over the school year. Due to popular demand, she has created a recipe for Mock Rye Bread that makes delicious sandwiches. We also have a new pizza and pancake of the month, along with an amazing English Muffin - with all the nooks and crannies, you won't believe it is gluten-free.

Mock Rye Bread
Mini Classic Waffles
Bagel Pizzas
English Muffins
Banana Pancakes
Cider Buttermilk Donuts
FDA Decision on Gluten-Free Labeling
As you know, the FDA has finally made a decision as to gluten-free labeling. This was a major milestone for those of us who have been pushing for the ruling for many years.

At Pamela's Products, we are pleased to see that there are now some standards in place to help those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance make educated decisions regarding their food choices. We are happy to say that we provide gluten-free products already in compliance with the new requirements, and have been doing so for years. While the ruling requires that gluten-free labeled products must test at 20ppm or less for gluten, Pamela’s products consistently test at 5ppm or less.

For more information on the FDA ruling, you can find a Q&A on their official website.
Back on Track with Back to School
School is in session and the kids are heading back to the books. After a summer filled with vacations, camp and lots of play, it can be quite an adjustment for the family to get back on schedule. Here we have some tips to help you through the school year:
  • It can't be said enough that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure to take time each morning for a healthy breakfast. Eggs, cereal, fruit, pancakes, toast – these are all options that can be prepared relatively quickly. Or check out the variety of delicious recipes we have for breakfast on our website
  • Stay active and involved in regular fitness. With long school days and homework to do, it is easy to become sedentary and spend less time outdoors. Organized sports are a great way for kids to get a workout, as well as develop team-building skills. Or simply plan a few evenings each week for some family fitness such as a bike-ride, walk to the park or hiking trip.
  • Get your schedule organized. In my home, we have a monthly dry-erase calendar on the fridge to track the entire family’s activities and commitments. Each family member has their own color marker so we know exactly who has to be where at any time. An easily accessible family calendar is also a great way to reduce stress levels so that expectations are set in advance.
  • Make time for each other. With the busy schedule of school, work, and social commitments, everyone is running in separate directions and spending less and less time together. It is important to reconnect and bond with your loved ones. Set aside one night a week as "family night" – have dinner together, play a game, watch a movie or find some other way to bring the family together.
Packing up the School Lunch
We all want our children to enjoy a healthy lunch, but keeping the meals creative and appealing can be a chore. Here are a few helpful tips to ease the burden of packing the school lunch:
  • Plan out lunches for the week, just as you might do for your dinner menu. It is important to try to include a lean protein, fruit and vegetable where you can, so by planning ahead you can ensure you have the food to make a healthy lunch every day.
  • Involve your children in the planning process. If they are involved, they will be more likely to eat the meal provided. Teens can be responsible for packing their daily lunch, and young children can even help you prepare the lunches with supervision.
  • Pack an environmentally-friendly lunch. Plastic sandwich bags and other disposable lunch supplies can get expensive over time and create waste. There are now many sustainable lunch boxes on the market and lots of re-useable container options to pack in. Here at Pamela's, we are big fans and users of PlanetBox, makers of eco-friendly, zero waste lunch boxes.
  • Keep Pamela's on hand! Our Amazing Bread in a Minute recipe can be quickly prepared to make sandwiches and other healthy meals.
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