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It's June and lemons are abundant on all the trees in my neighborhood. My affinity for lemons started when I was a teenager in the early 1970s. "The Monkees" were on TV, I had a sand candle in my room, and I wore Love's Lemon Mist perfume that I got from the local drug store. My family had lemons with tea, on fried filet of sole on Fridays, and in the occasional lemon pound cake. It wasn't until I was three months pregnant in 1997 and ate lemon shortbread from England though that I really fell head over heels for lemon! From then on, I craved lemon and couldn't get those cookies out of my mind. I worked on a gluten-free lemon shortbread for the remainder of my pregnancy. In July of 1997, my daughter Samantha was born. By September of 1998, Pamela's Lemon Shortbread hit the store shelves. If you like lemon, you'll love the zing of these cookies. Today I love lemon in and on everything: banana cake, bundt cake, layer cake, cookies, frosting, salad dressing, hard candy, lemon drop cocktails. Even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose a lemon wedding cake. I'm telling you, lemon is awesome in everything!

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Trivia It is Pamela's 30th year in business, and we will be celebrating all year! Each month we will be asking a question in our newsletter about Pamela's history or her products. Reply to us at newsletter@pamelasproducts.com with the correct answer and you will be entered to win some Pamela's goodies. One winner will be chosen.

This month's question is:
Where is Pamela's headquarters located (city and state)?

The answer to last month's question (How many baking mixes does Pamela's make?) is: 25. Congratulations to Shawna O'Brien for getting the correct answer and winning the prize!
Blackberry Cheesecake
Lovin' Lemons
When life gives you lemons, turn them into scrumptious cakes, bars, and cookies! We think lemon desserts are the best way to cap off any summer menu with their tart, fresh flavor. Try our recipes for

Lemon Cake with Lemon Ganache
Lemon Poppyseed Bundt Cake
Strawberry Lemon Poke Cake
Bars & Cookies:
Blackberry Meyer Lemon
Cheesecake Squares

Creamy Lemon Squares
Lemon Zest Sugar Cookies

Or if you enjoy lemons but don't want to bake, try our ready-to-eat Lemon Shortbread Cookies. You can also dress them up as Lemon Strawberry Tarts or use them in a Blueberry Lemon Summer Trifle. They'll satisfy your lemon cravings without having to turn on your oven.
Treat Dad
Treat Dad to a Sandwich
Father's Day is just around the corner, and there is no better way to express your love than with an over-the-top meaty sandwich on a freshly baked roll. Because when it comes to Dad, is there any better gift than food? Check out our top 5 dad-worthy sandwiches:

French Dip Sandwich on a French Roll
Submarine Sandwich Roll
Meatball Sandwich on a Hoagie Roll
Pulled Pork Sandwich on a Rustic Roll
Easy Monte Cristo Sandwich
Ask Pamela
Pamela's AMA on Facebook Live
Did you catch Pamela Live on Facebook last month? If you missed it, don't worry -- you can still watch it (and you don't want to miss this one!). Pamela answered so many fan questions about starting her company, how she develops new products, baking tips and even her favorite thing to drink!

Catch it here on our website.
Pasta for a Crowd
Did you know that our Mac N' Cheese pasta meals can be dressed up for a family dinner or a party? By adding meat and vegetables, a basic macaroni & cheese can become a hearty meal for a crowd. Try also turning it into a baked casserole or appetizing bites. Here are your recipes for pasta perfection:

Southwest Mac N' Cheese
Southwest Baked Mac N' Cheese
Southwest Mac N' Cheese Bites
Broccoli and Cheddar Mac N' Cheese
Broccoli and Cheddar Baked Mac N' Cheese
Broccoli Cheddar Mac N' Cheese Bites
Bacon and Onion Mac N' Cheese
Bacon and Onion Baked Mac N' Cheese
Bacon and Onion Mac N' Cheese Bites
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Featured Products
Featured Products
Featured Products
Ambition Bar
Summer Adventure Snacks
Headed out on the trail or loading up the car for a family vacation this summer? Don't forget to pack snacks! If you are looking for a little extra pep in your step (or on your bike), try Pamela's Ambition bars, which are not only grain-free and delicious, but also have an energy-boosting 70mg of caffeine in each one. On a long car ride, snacks are essential, and we love to bring along our Big Fig, which is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. They are individually wrapped and are the perfect size for a quick snack or dessert. And for early morning hikes or sight-seeing excursions, you can't go wrong with our Oat Up Bars or Whenever Bars. They make for a great grab-n-go breakfast to start your day. Plus, you can look for our Whenever Bars on sale this June at many national and regional stores.
What Fans are Saying About our
Lemon Shortbread!
"Love love LOVE these gluten free lemon cookies. They're very tart and tasty" – M. Hanus

"Gluten Free?! Regardless if they are gluten free or not, these cookies are amazing!! You can taste the butter and the strong flavor of fresh lemon. So delightfully refreshing!" –Aspen

"If you love lemon cookies you'll love these! Amazing tart lemon flavor! You don't need to be in a gluten free diet to enjoy these! Whenever I have people over and serve them with tea, people comment on how delicious they are and ask where I bought them! I've purchased Pamela's other cookies, but these are by far the best!!" –Amazon guru

"I LOVE the taste of these lemon cookies and being gluten free is just a huge bonus. Tastes like fresh baked." –Char

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