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I can't believe it is already 2017! I have had an exciting year filled with travel (I went to India, China, and Cuba!), and I have been doing a lot of product development. We have so many new things brewing for 2017, it is making my head spin. My goal has always been to fulfill the physical and emotional needs of my consumers with great-tasting products, and I hope that my new products in the coming year will achieve that goal.

I also want to keep encouraging you to bake in 2017, and will continue to deliver recipes, videos and photos to help you along. Being gluten-free should not prevent you from creating the foods you crave. Believe me, you can do this!

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Baking with Pamela: Hearty Muffins
Have you ever seen a recipe that intrigued you, but then filed it away, never to actually make it? This year, we hope to inspire you to bake with Pamela. Each month we will feature a recipe with step-by-step photos. When you make it and share your creations with us on social media using hashtag: #BakingWithPamela, your photos will be featured on our website and one will be selected as the winner of a Pamela's baking package.

To start it off, our January #BakingWithPamela features Hearty Muffins – chock-full of healthy additions, these muffins will satisfy your New Year's resolutions. Take a look at our how-to step-by-step photos and enjoy these delicious muffins today! Baking With Pamela – January
Featured Product: Bars – Whenever & Oat Up
Quick, easy and down-right delicious, our Whenever Bars and Oat Up Bars are great for busy schedules. From early morning workouts to late night snacks, these bars are essential to beat fatigue and satisfy cravings. Made with nutritious ingredients to keep you and your family full and focused throughout the day, Whenever Bars and Oat Up Bars are on sale this January at many national and regional stores.
Nut Flour Blend:
Add a Healthy Boost of Nutrition

Pamela's Nut Flour Blend adds an extra boost of protein, fiber, and healthy fats with its unique mix of almond, coconut, pecan and walnut flours. What do these added boosts of nutrition do for you? Protein helps to fill you up and also improves muscle mass. Fiber can slow the absorption of sugar to help maintain blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol levels. So, top your yogurts, smoothies, acai bowls and salads with the Nut Flour Blend, or use it in baked goods and for breading to kick off the new year with a healthier you.

Try these recipes using our Nut Flour Blend:
Artisan Bread   Yogurt Parfait
Breading   Quinoa Salad
Morning Shake   Grain-Free Brownies
Seasonal Eating
Centering your diet around what is in season is a great way to stay on track with healthy eating habits. The produce will not only taste better in season, but it will save you money at the store. You may even expand your palate and try new dishes and ingredients you may not have otherwise explored.

Vegetables in season now are: broccoli, broccolini, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, cauliflower, celery root, collards, fennel, leeks, potatoes, pumpkin, rutabaga, salsify, sweet potatoes, sunchoke, and turnips.

Fruits in season now are: cranberries, kiwi fruit, oranges, persimmon, pomegranate, and tangerines.

Here are some of our favorite recipes featuring seasonal ingredients:
Broccoli Cheddar Quiche
Sweet Potato Pancakes
Butternut Squash, Sage and Caramelized Onion
Flatbread with Balsamic Glaze
Cranberry Pumpkin Bars
Cranberry Orange Marscapone Tart
Facebook Live Video – Dinner Rolls
Rolls are great for anytime! Make them for dinner, heat them up for breakfast, or toast them for a mini-sandwich. If you missed Pamela's Facebook Live video showing how easy it is to make them, you can still watch it on Facebook and on our website.
Tips from
  When making dinner rolls, use an ice cream scoop to make even-sized balls of dough. Spray the ice cream scoop on both sides with cooking spray to ensure that the dough comes out easily. You will be rewarded with uniform rolls and no sticky fingers! (You can watch Pamela perform this technique in the video mentioned above.)
Staff   Fans
Meet Molly!
What do you do at Pamela's Products and how long have you worked here? I am the marketing Assistant/Brand Ambassador. I have worked at Pamela's Products for 3 months.

What is your favorite aspect of your job here? My favorite aspect would be hearing from customers who love our products, creating and brainstorming new ideas with my co-workers, and tasting all the new products.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies or interests? I love traveling and exploring new places and binge watching on Netflix.

What is your favorite Pamela's product and why? Cranberry Orange Oat Up – great for busy mornings or a mid-day pick me up. I love the cranberry and orange flavor combination; it is tangy and refreshing.
What Fans Are Saying
About Blueberry Lemon
Whenever Bars

"Outstanding, tasty, moist blueberry/lemon snack bar. Best I've ever had." –James R.

"Oh, just yum! Blueberry - lots of them. Juicy, delicious with just the right touch of lemon and lemon zest that you can even see. Just fabulous. Breakfast, break, dessert, midnight snack, foodie addiction - you name it..." –Kathleen

"These are downright delicious. There's a great balance of fruit, oats, and nuts. The sugar content is also a lot lower than most other bars in the same category..." –Jonathan L.

"Very tasty gluten free dairy free bar - great to have for breakfast on the go, or when there's no gluten free available." – H. Wright
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