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It's my birthday month (February 25th)! I always liked February for my birthday, exactly 2 months after Christmas, so I could get the stuff Santa didn't bring me! I also love February for Valentine's Day because you are expected to eat chocolate, and I love chocolate! The winter is starting to be over here in California where you can go skiing in the morning and then drive home from the mountains to play golf. February feels like a fresh start to a whole new year for me - an entire year to get all that stuff done that I didn't get to last year, like organizing my photos. I share my birthday month with my Mom and my younger brother Keith, so I make sure I get all the birthday cards in the mail. In my family, between February and March, there is a birthday every week for 6 weeks in a row. I'm in the middle, so no one is sick of cake yet or of having to pretend to be excited about one more person's special day. What do I want for my cake every single year? Chocolate layer cake with lots of frosting. Lucky for me, I have a great dark Chocolate Cake Mix (my favorite product that I make!), and I always want to use two bags of Dark Chocolate Frosting Mix, instead of one, so that every inch of cake is covered in frosting with a big layer in between. For frosting lovers, it's the perfect balance of dark deep rich cake and soft buttery delicious frosting in every bite. Oh yum, Happy Birthday to me!

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Trivia It is Pamela's 30th year in business, and we will be celebrating all year! Each month we will be asking a question in our newsletter about Pamela's history or her products. Reply to us at newsletter@pamelasproducts.com with the correct answer and you will be entered to win some Pamela's goodies. Which one of the following products was never part of the Pamela's product line? Cheesecake, Biscotti, French Bread, Coffee Cake, or Shortbread Swirl Cookies?
The answer to last month's question was: Lemon Shortbread (Which product still on the market did Pamela create while she was pregnant with her daughter Samantha?) Congratulations to Stephanie M. for getting the correct answer and winning the prize.

From the Heart
Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated with flowers, a card, and (our favorite!) heart-shaped sweets. Whether you are making a special dessert as a romantic gesture, a delicious delight for a family member or friend, or treats for a class party, count on Pamela's to make your creation unforgettable. (And it's totally okay with us if you make something just for yourself!) Here are some of our NEW and favorite Valentine's Day recipes:

Cherry Hand Pies
Sorbet Sandwiches
Heart Pancakes
Raspberry Donuts
Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake
Raspberry Chocolate Tower Cake
Turtle Brownies
Double Chocolate Frosted Brownie Hearts
Red Velvet Pancakes
Pasta Meals for the Whole Family
Our Pasta Meals are on the shelves of grocery stores nationwide (please check with your local market and keep an eye out for our new packaging coming soon). Made with organic pasta, each meal offers 14g of protein per serving. Choose from Mac N' Cheese, Spicy Mac N' Cheese, Creamy Alfredo and Creamy Mushroom. Each is delicious on its own or topped with protein and vegetables. Our Pasta Meals are on sale this February at many national and regional stores, and they are available on our Pamela's Amazon Store.
Recipes for Special Days
February is full of holidays and special celebrations, and we have the products to help you make them delicious!

Winter Olympics Feb 9-25 – Cheer on the athletes at a viewing party with party food! Crispy Buffalo Wings, Pizza Bagels, Corndog Muffins, Spinach & Artichoke Snack Bites, Crispy French Bread Bowl, Mozzarella Sticks, and Chili Cheese Bites.

National Pizza Day Feb 9 – If you have not tried our Pizza Crust Mix, now is the time! Make a thick or thin crust or enjoy any of these PIZZA RECIPES.

Mardi Gras Feb 13 – Let the good times roll with our recipe for King Cake.

Valentine's Day Feb 14 – Make something for your love using one of our Valentine's Recipes.

Chinese New Year Feb 16 – Share the wealth with our Chinese-Style Dumplings recipe and serve up our Chinese Chicken Pasta Salad (long noodles represent longevity).
Featured Products
Featured Products
Featured Products
Tip from Pamela – Expired Yeast
Make sure you always check the date on your yeast packet when using it to make breads that need to rise. If you have a bag of Pamela's Bread Mix or Pizza Crust Mix that has expired and includes a yeast packet, chances are the yeast packet has also expired. You may be able to still use the mix, but it's best to purchase a new yeast packet.
Ambition   Fans
Fuel Your Gold Medal

This February, we are keeping our eyes on our gold medal goals. Nothing is a bigger motivator than watching Olympians try their hardest to achieve their dreams. We want to help you fuel your ambitions this month with our ambition-inducing, caffeine-infused, Ambition Bars. Look for them on sale this month at many national and regional grocery stores.
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What Fans are
Saying About our
chocolate cake mix
"I have to say I absolutely love Pamela's. My son has a wheat intolerance and I search high and low for foods that I can get that are close to real. Not heavy and not gritty or has bad texture. Pamela's by far has the best mixes around and Amazon sells them for real reasonable prices. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for gluten free alternatives." - Jerome L.

"This cake mix cannot be beat. Very chocolatey and moist. This has been quite successful at many parties with children and adults whether they need gluten-free or not. Pamela's products are real winners." - love books

"The Pamela' Chocolate Cake mix is amazing. It is wonderfully moist and has a great texture. It was good without frosting and sensational with frosting. I would highly recommend serving this cake to everyone. You don't have to make two desserts (one for gluten free and one for everyone else). This cake pleases everyone." –Beverly C.

"We have recently gone gluten free in our home. Someone gave me this mix to try...it is the BEST chocolate cake mix I have ever had! Everyone loved it and I'm having a hard time staying out of it! So - glad to find something gluten free that tastes this good!!" - Sammy

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