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When it heats up in August, ice cream is no longer a decadent dessert…it becomes a necessity! No longer just the a la mode to the apple pie, or second fiddle to the birthday cake, ice cream - in a cone, bowl, shake, or even a sandwich - is our right during summer! I was born in San Francisco, home of the It's-It ice cream sandwich, made with oatmeal cookies and vanilla ice cream, covered in chocolate. My father would occasionally bring them home from Playland at the Beach, a large amusement park that used to be on the shoreline of San Francisco. It wasn't often that we got this kind of treat. I can still remember feeling so extra-special holding one of those sandwiches in my hand. I remember the hard chocolate coating, the solid oatmeal cookies, and the vanilla ice cream that got soft and creamy and oozed out from between the cookies, if I could restrain myself long enough to let it. I cherish this memory from my childhood -- summer, San Francisco, my dad, and ice cream sandwiches that seemed so much larger than they are today. I hope you enjoy our gluten-free ice cream sandwich recipes, perfect for making your own memories!

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Trivia It is Pamela's 30th year in business, and we will be celebrating all year! Each month we will be asking a question in our newsletter about Pamela's history or her products. Reply to us at newsletter@pamelasproducts.com with the correct answer and you will be entered to win some Pamela's goodies. One winner will be chosen. This month's question is:

What was the name of Pamela's grandparents' health food store in San Francisco?

The answer to last month's question (What are Pamela's two favorite colors of KitchenAid mixers? is: Tangerine and Pear (we know this was a hard one!) Congratulations to Julie Nish for getting close to the correct answer and winning the prize.
Cool Treats to Beat the Heat
Cool Treats to Beat the Heat
I scream, you scream, we all scream for GF ice cream sandwiches! Because when the temperature outside is rising, there is nothing better than a cold treat. Here are some of our new and favorite ice cream sandwich recipes:

Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
Crispy Ginger Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
Traditional Ice Cream Sandwiches
Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
Sorbet Sandwiches
Pamela at Costco Grand Opening
Pamela at Costco Grand Opening
Last month, Pamela and her team enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the Costco grand opening in Ukiah, CA, home of Pamela's headquarters. During the four-day event, Pamela and her team made over 8,000 mini pancakes with the Baking & Pancake Mix! We also gave out samples of our new Crispy Cookies. Both items were a hit with Costco shoppers. We hope to expand into other Costco locations in the future.
Summertime is Peachy
Summertime is Peachy
Enjoy the fresh taste of summer with juicy peaches! Peaches hit their peak ripeness in July and August. Make your summer a little sweeter with these peachy treats:

Peach Corn Upside Down Cake (Cornbread & Muffin Mix)
Pancakes with Peach Syrup (Baking & Pancake Mix)
Peach Berry Crisp (Bread Mix)
Peach and Apple Cobbler Cake (Vanilla Cake Mix)
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GF + Vegan
Do you or a friend or family member eat gluten-free and vegan? We understand that it can be difficult to find recipes that everyone at your table will enjoy, so we've highlighted a few to help you create a GF & Vegan menu. (To search for other dietary restrictions, visit our Search page and filter By Diet.)

Vegan Fruit Tart
Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler
Apple Galettes
Chocolate Cake or Cupcakes

Crusty Seeded Dinner Rolls
Sandwich Wraps
Beer Battered Veggies
Ambition Bars at Sprouts
Ambition Bars at Sprouts
Announcing the availability of Pamela's Ambition Bars at Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide! You can find four flavors on their shelves -- Cold Brew Chocolate™, Masala Chai, Espresso Myself™ and Matcha Happiness™. To find a Sprouts near you, visit their website.
S'mores Your Way
S'mores Your Way
Pamela's Graham Crackers with chocolate and marshmallows make the traditional campfire treat gluten-free and delicious. Here are s'more scrumptious suggestions!
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Pancake & Waffle Mix
"Great product! Pamela's is a fantastic brand. I'm always happy with the quality!" – C.D.

"Delicious, light and good for you. I wish I had discovered it sooner!" – A.C.

"This is our favorite gluten-free pancake mix. We use it all the time. The mix is easy to use and the pancakes turn out great every time." – Mamasmiles

"Absolutely the best. Add banana, blueberry and cinnamon and it's even better." –W. Glasgow

"Great taste. Great texture. I always add my own extras but it's a great start for a gluten free breakfast!! The website and even the bag have more recipes to enjoy!" – Eastgreenwichmom

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