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Summertime is upon us and the farmers' markets are full of the delicious aroma of sweet-tasting fruit. When I think of summer and growing up, I can so vividly remember the heat of the August summer, making sure I was in the house for dinner at 6:00 sharp after being outside all day long, and the strawberry shortcake my mom made us. It was a special treat when she would make shortcake. When I was growing up, strawberries weren't available year-round, so you took advantage when that ruby red harvest of joy would appear. Mom baked up drop biscuits made with that oh-so-familiar mix. The biscuits were split, the cut berries sprinkled with brown sugar, a little lemon juice, and a splash of Cointreau. And then the best part -- a huge dollop of whipped cream! Tender biscuits, soaked and dripping with berry juice and rich cream, all in one bite. This was our summer dessert. This is one of my fondest summer memories. There we are, my family gathered around the table waiting for mom to dole out the goods. And you can make this too! It's so easy with my delicious recipes for gluten-free shortcake, strawberries not included.

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Baking with Pamela: Grilled Cheese Sandwich
This month's Baking With Pamela featured recipe is a Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

First, learn how to make a delicious loaf of Pamela's Artisan White Bread, then use this amazing bread to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Follow along with our step-by-step instructions and share your creations with us by uploading photos using the hashtag: #BakingWithPamela on your social media accounts. Photos will be featured on our website, and one will be selected as the winner of a Pamela's baking package.
Featured Product: Ambition Bars
August is here and whether you are soaking up the last few days of summer with vacations or preparing for back-to-school, we know what a busy time this can be. Our new organic, gluten-free and grain-free Ambition Bars can help fuel your hectic schedules, providing an energy-boosting 70mg of caffeine in each bar (equal to one cup of coffee). These perfect little morning and afternoon pick-me-ups are available in five delicious flavors: Cold Brew Chocolate, Salted Caramel Latte, Matcha Happiness, Espresso Myself and Masala Chai. Look for our Ambition Bars on SALE this month at many national and regional stores.
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Tune in on August 24th at 11:00am PST to watch Pamela announce a new product launching this month! She will use this product to show you how to make an easy dish that your whole family will enjoy, and during the live broadcast, Pamela will choose one viewer to win the new products! Mark your calendars and we look forward to seeing you then.
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If you can't watch Facebook live, don't worry you have a chance to be one of the first to try Pamela's new product! Enter to win by responding to this newsletter with your guess of what the new product is, and we will randomly choose one winner (or maybe more!) to receive all 4 varieties.
Fruit Betty
Simple Summer Sweets
Turn any of your summer fruit into a quick and delicious summer treat with gluten-free crumbles and crisps. These desserts are perfect for summer brunches and backyard get-to-togethers. The best part is that we have recipes using our different mixes, so you can find a recipe for whichever one you have in your pantry. Whether you have our Baking & Pancake Mix, Oatmeal Cookie & Bar Mix, Bread Mix, or Nut Flour Blend, you can whip up a simple and satisfying dessert.
Tip from Pamela Flat Cake Layers
When you are making a layer cake and need your layers to be flat, try Pamela's trick: press down on the cake top with a clean oven mitt when hot out of the oven!
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What do you do at Pamela's Products and how long have you worked here? I am the Director of Sales and it will be 5 years in September.

What is your favorite aspect of your job here? Our terrific team. Also tasting new concepts!

Outside of work, what are your hobbies or interests? I love to read, spend time on the river near my cabin, cook, ride my horse.

What is your favorite Pamela's product and why? Oatmeal Cookie Mix love to add cranberries and nuts makes the perfect cookie!
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