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On April Fool's Day, my company turned 30 years old. I can't help but reflect back on my beginnings, when I drove my first forklift into the warehouse which became the first home of Pamela's Products. I grew up assuming I would run my family's natural foods business like my dad did, but in my family the girls were supposed to get married and not work. So, I went out and started my own company in 1988 (I "stole" boxes from my dad's company and used his Xerox machine!). I had one desk in a one-room office and one telephone (with a really long cord). I had no computers, no cell phones, and no fax machines. I started off selling 4 really delicious gluten-free cookies sweetened with fruit juice, and a gluten-free pancake mix you could also use for baking (still a top seller to this day!). Today, I'm still making cookies, but I have more employees, I've been banned from driving the forklifts, and gluten-free plays a much different role in our world. I'm proud that in 30 years I have introduced 114 gluten-free items, each one satisfying a craving. In some small way, I feel like I have done something that made a difference. After all, what can be more important than making someone's food dreams come true….

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Trivia It is Pamela's 30th year in business, and we will be celebrating all year! Each month we will be asking a question in our newsletter about Pamela's history or her products. Reply to us at newsletter@pamelasproducts.com with the correct answer and you will be entered to win some Pamela's goodies. One winner will be chosen.
This month's question is:
What is Pamela's favorite product of all her products?

The answer to last month's question (What is the most popular cookie Pamela has ever made (and is still available today) is: Chunky Chocolate Chip. Congratulations to LaTanya T. for getting the correct answer and winning the prize!
Crispy Cookies
New Product Announcement
Say hello to Pamela's newest addition, Crispy Cookies! They are so delicious, you'll swear they are homemade. Non-GMO verified and made with over 70% USDA certified organic ingredients, these thin, crispy cookies are guaranteed to be your new favorite. Available in three mouthwatering flavors: Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Chunk Walnut, and Ginger.

Take it from one of our happy customers who tried the Chocolate Chunk Walnut Crispy Cookies instead of the brand of thin cookies she usually buys and called to tell Pamela: "You hit it out of the park with this cookie!" Another customer called to say "I am hooked!" after trying our Chocolate Chunk Crispy Cookies for the first time.

Where can you buy these new cookies? If you can't find them yet, print out this Can We Buy card and hand it to your store manager! You can also check our Amazon store for availability.
Lavender Honey Pound Cake
Bring on Spring!
Warmer weather and Spring baking awaits you in April! Try making a light, fluffy cake, a fruit-filled scone or a berry shortcake. Here are some of our new recipes, along with some of our tried-and-true recipes for Spring:

Pound Cakes:
Lavender Honey
French Yogurt
Classic Pound Cake

Bundt Cakes:
Lemon Poppyseed
Vanilla Layer Cake with Strawberries
Angel Food Cake
Coconut Cake
Carrot Cake


Blueberry Drop Scones
Expo West
Expo West
Last month, Pamela's Products exhibited at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, CA. "Expo West" is the world's largest trade show for natural and organic products. Pamela enjoyed celebrating her 30th Anniversary and displaying her new products to grocery store buyers and the media. Eventually these new products will make their way to a store near you!
Featured Title
Featured retail-locations graham-crackers
Earth Day
What do you do to celebrate Earth day (April 22)? At Pamela's, we are committed to sustainable business practices. We use recyclable plastic trays, recycled cardboard, and soy inks. Pamela looks to source locally when possible, not only to support our community, but to reduce the number of trucks and travel time on the road. Together we can make a difference!
Tip from Pamela
Tip from Pamela
Quick tip: If your cookies spread too much, cut back on the shortening or butter. Too crispy? Cut back the sugar.
What Fans are Saying About our
Cornbread Mix
"For years, I've been looking for cornbread like Mom used to make. I've finally found it. Pamela's cornbread mix has it all. It's quick and easy to prepare and it tastes heavenly…Pamela's cornbread is delightfully moist and it stays moist if you don't get it all eaten at once. In fact, it's so moist it tastes good even without butter. It has just the right degree of sweetness. You can also make cornbread muffins from it and I've discovered they freeze well. In addition, Pamela provides variations on the recipe if you're looking for something a little different. I have no hesitation in giving this product a resounding five stars. I like it so much I order it from Amazon in bulk." – V. Kneifl

"I absolutely loved corn bread and thought that I would have to stop eating it when I went gluten free. Then Pamela's came out with this super easy and versatile corn bread mix. I immediately ordered a case having never tried it before because it was a Pamela's Products and I have yet to find something I don't like of hers." – Scoober

"This is our favorite gluten-free cornbread mix. We make it with just a little sugar for a sweet bread or leave the sweetener out completely for a savoryr treat. The instructions are clear enough for my children to mix it up with very little supervision while I'm cooking the rest of dinner. We will be buying this again, and again." – Ellenillustrates

"This one is a winner. It works well for those on a Gluten Free plan or not. It's hard to find Gluten Free products that work well for everyone. Pamela's are the best Gluten Free foods out there."
– B. Hendriks

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