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Check out this beautiful shot from the Paradise Valley Whole Foods in Phoenix. The New Baking Mixes Are Here!
Happy Harvest! As we come into next few months of preparing for the busy stream of holidays ahead, we look forward to providing you with options for delicious, gluten-free baking. Have our new baking mixes made their way to a store near you? We have had several sightings and most recently we spotted them in Pamela's hometown Whole Foods in Northern California. If not, be sure to download and print a copy of this form to take to your store and ask them to bring in Pamela's new products. These new mixes are perfect for you to use over the holidays from baking delicious cookies and pies to serving up warm, soft dinner rolls. Once you get your hands on these amazing new mixes (or any of Pamela’s products), be sure to enter your new culinary creation in our Mix It Up 7th Annual Recipe Contest. Grand Prize is $1,000, so hurry and enter before it ends on Oct. 29, 2012.

We hope you enjoy our October newsletter and invite your feedback and comments at newsletter@pamelasproducts.com.
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P.S. We are continuing to update our recently redesigned website. Rest assured we are working diligently to add all your favorite recipes as well as some amazing new ones so be sure to come back often.

Gluten-Free Halloween Treats
Hosting a Halloween party or making plans to attend one? If so, we have some delightfully ghoulish recipes for you that will be sure to please and entertain. These fun and simple recipes will have you scaring guests in no time.

Gluten-Free Labeling
Recently, there has been a good deal of activity around the gluten-free labeling law. The FDA has missed their deadline for commitment to have a gluten-free ruling. In order to get the needed attention of the White House and express the importance of this initiative, there is an open petition on the White House website. 25,000 signatures are needed by November 1, 2012. You can learn more and sign the petition HERE.

Gluten-Free for Halloween
Halloween is here this month and our young children are counting down the days until they can head out for some trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. But if you have a child who is gluten intolerant or has food allergies, how do parents keep their children safe? We have a few ideas for you that ensure your child does not miss out on the fun.
  • Consider hosting a Halloween party at your home. Invite your child's friends and prepare a tasty spread of gluten-free meals. In my home, we serve witch's brew (chili) and put out a variety of gluten-free toppings kids can build to taste. Consider shredded cheese, crushed corn chips, sour cream, cilantro, tomatoes, onion, and avocado slices. Pamela's Cornbread and Muffin Mix goes great with this dish, too. Download our Halloween recipe pages in this newsletter for more edible Halloween ideas to serve up to your favorite ghosts and goblins.

  • There are several candies that are gluten-free and acceptable. Check out this list from Sure Foods Living on the NFCA website. If you do decide to allow your kids to trick-or-treat, make it very clear that they do not eat any of the candy until they come home. You and your child can then sort through the candy list and remove any suspect items.

  • Another option that will allow your child to enjoy the trick-or-treating fun is to consider having them trade-in their candy. There are many ideas to encourage your child to swap out his or her candy for a better, more health-conscious alternative. For example, in exchange for their candy they can get a toy at the store of a specified value, a special activity day of their choice, or pick the restaurant for a family dinner. Be creative and create a swap that will be desirable to your child.

  • Many local dentists participate in Halloween Candy Buy Back. Dentists will buy back your candy for cash or prizes, and the candy will be sent to our deployed US military. You can check to see if a dentist in your area is participating at this link.

Happy Haunts!
"I just wanted to say thank-you so much for your products, they have made our life so much easier! Our daughter was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and I stumbled onto your products, and man I am so thankful I did. I have not found one mix I did not like and have turned a few friends onto your products as well. Thank-you so much for your products!" - A Happy Pamela's Customer

Pamela's Cook of the Month
Congratulations to Shirley R. who won our Cook of the Month for her Mini Pepperoni Party made with Pamela's Gluten-Free Bread Mix. She used the pizza crust recipe featured on the Bread Mix bag and added a delicious combination of toppings. Enjoy!

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