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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
I hope you all had a wonderful and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Many of us here at Pamela's enjoyed a delicious gluten-free meal this holiday by cooking up great-tasting recipes from Pamela's kitchen. As we wind down from the Thanksgiving feast, many of us are bringing out our December holiday decorations.

In this issue we have some great recipes for you to make a beautifully delicious holiday meal completely gluten-free. We also have some tips to take the stress out of your holiday shopping this year, go green with your holiday cards and more!

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Most importantly, we here at Pamela's wish you all a wonderful month of health, wellness and good cheer. Have a prosperous new year and we look forward to spending 2013 with all of you.

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P.S. We are continuing to update our recently redesigned website. Rest assured we are working diligently to add all your favorite recipes as well as some amazing new ones so be sure to come back often.

Recipes for a Traditional Holiday Meal
Pamela spent a lot of time in the kitchen recently to surprise you with this menu of recipes for a complete traditional holiday meal, including Yorkshire pudding. Cheers!

Tips & Tricks for Decorating
Beautiful Holiday Cookies

Planning to prepare some gluten-free baked goods this year? Here, Pamela shows you how to design some beautiful cookies and gingerbread houses. Check out the slide show on our website. Click the arrow above to start the show!

Simplify your Holiday Shopping
Completing all your holiday shopping in a timely fashion can be a stressful event. Don't get overwhelmed and follow some of these simple tips that can help make your shopping a more efficient and pleasant event.
  • Make a list for everyone you need to gift this year. Assign a maximum budget to each person and track each purchase value to ensure you do not go over the allotted amount.
  • Do research online to help you pre-plan your shopping trip. If you have at least a general idea of what you want to purchase for each person, you can be more focused. You can even organize your list by gift type so you can map out the stores you plan to visit. That way you can efficiently target stores where you can purchase the majority of items on your list.
  • If you plan to shop online, take advantage of sites with a wide range of gift options that cover your shopping list. Many sites offer free shipping at a specified value level so bundling your purchases allows you to take advantage of those cost-savings.
  • Never under-estimate the value of the home-made gift. Whether it be baked goods (whip up some delicious gluten free cookies with Pamela's new Oatmeal Cookie Mix and Roll & Cut Sugar Cookie Mix), homemade jams, a knitted scarf, or a custom photo album, you are sure to delight your recipient. The time, effort and thoughtfulness applied to a home-made gift is both meaningful and memorable.
  • Be sure to keep a few "extra" gifts on hand for those unexpected guests who may drop by bearing presents. A bottle of wine, a VISA gift card, or a themed gift basket all make great gifts for both males and females alike.
  • Set aside a box or file to save all your gift receipts. You never know if you will need to return or exchange any of your purchases and this will make it easy for you to locate quickly.
  • Don't forget to enjoy the holiday. Take time out for you - relax, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the beauty of the season.
"I would just like to take the time to compliment you on your products. I have been using your baking and pancake mix for years, and your brownies are fantastic. I just tried your single serve microwave brownies and they were absolutely perfect! It's difficult to find good tasting, good quality gluten free foods but yours never fail! Keep up the good work! Thank you for making amazing gluten free food!!!"
- A Happy Pamela's Customer

Our Whenever Bar Boxes
have a "New Look"

Same great bars but a new bright colored box that is easier to read and find on the shelves.

Look for them soon in your local stores!

Holiday Cards Recycle & Reuse
Approximately 1.6 billion cards are sent for the Christmas holiday alone to those special people in our lives. Why not make good use of all that printed paper this year by following some of these tips on how to best recycle and reuse your holiday cards?
  • In my home above our mantel, we roll out a large piece of festive wrapping paper. As holiday cards arrive, we tape the cards on to the paper to display. At the close of the holiday, we have a beautiful and uniquely designed collage of holiday imagery that is both cheerful and fun. There are many creative ways you can display your beautiful card collection.
  • Year-round, St. Jude's Ranch for Children accepts donations of used holiday cards (or cards for any occasion) and creates new ones that are then sold to support their organization. You can also purchase these eco-friendly cards to give to family and friends. Learn how you can participate on their website.
  • Cut-up holiday cards to create gift tags for your presents. You can use a hole punch to thread ribbon and attach to your gift.
  • Cut off the decorative cover of your card and save the designs to use in arts and craft projects. We found some fun crafty ideas for holiday ornaments, gift bags, and more at Martha Stewart
Gluten-Free in the News
The gluten-free market is exploding with new companies and new products coming into the marketplace. The need for gluten-free foods is finally being recognized by our society. Many restaurants are now offering gluten-free menu items. People with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance can now freely enjoy many of their favorite glutinous foods that are now available gluten-free.

The LA Times recently published an article regarding Anglican and Catholic churches in Australia starting to offer gluten-free options for use as Communion wafers. While these may not be everyday staples for everyone, they mean a lot to people who observe this as a Sacrament in their religion. The more we looked into this subject, the more we found that it has not been easy for people with gluten intolerance to be able to participate in the tradition of Communion, and they have been faced with opposition when trying to find an alternative option.

In 2004, a woman in New Jersey tried to work with her church to allow her daughter to be able to receive Communion, and the only two options her Church gave the little girl was to have a "low-gluten" wafer or receive the Sacrament with a wine of low alcohol content. The church claimed that the pope himself could not allow a gluten-free wafer to be equivalent to the wheat version. For this mother and her daughter, these were not acceptable options.

After more research, it appears that the decision to offer a gluten-free wafer or not lies in the priest or pastor of each church. Today, more and more churches offer alternatives for their gluten-intolerant parishioners. The LA Times article shows that, even if slowly, an awareness of gluten intolerance is building in many segments of our society.

After nearly 25 years in the business of gluten-free, Pamela and team are proud to see the advancements that have been made in the gluten-free industry. We still have many more significant strides to make but we realize that small steps are a start in the right direction.
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