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Happy Haunting!
It is officially fall, and over the next few months Pamela and her team are busy preparing you fun, delicious recipes to use for the busy stream of holidays ahead. Starting off with some Halloween fun, we have some ghoulish and ghastly edibles you can whip up to feed the special witches and warlocks in your life. You will also find some ideas for simple, homemade Halloween costumes, tips for avoiding gluten-filled candy, and a list of ways you can ensure you and your loved ones stay safe. We also have some great recipes for fall like Brown Rice Swiss Chard Soufflé and Sweet Potato Biscuits.

Happy Haunting!

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Featured Recipes:
Halloween Treats and More

Hosting a Halloween party or making plans to attend one? If so, we have some delightfully ghoulish recipes for you that will be sure to please and entertain. These fun and simple recipes will have you scaring guests in no time. Or try some less frightening edibles perfect for fall harvest.

Pork Dumplings Dressed
Up as Mini-Brains

Ghost Cake Pops

Cake Crumb Mice

Cheesy Witch Fingers

Mini Pumpkin Cakes

Eyeball Mini Cakes
or Cake Pops

Swamp Stew with Meatballs

Pizza of the Month: Calzones
made with Pizza Crust Mix

or BREAD Mix

Pancake of the Month:
Harvest Pancakes

Brown Rice Swiss Chard Soufflé

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Apple Galettes

Gluten-Free Fruitcake Challenge
Make a fruitcake with one of Pamela's baking mixes and send us a picture of you (or another family member) with the fruitcake. We will pick our favorite picture so get creative with your photography and have fun! The winner will receive a prize of Pamela's Products and your pic will be featured on our website. Need a recipe? Use Pamela's recipe HERE. Photo contest begins now and will run through December 31st, as we know that those fruitcakes take time! You can post your picture on our FACEBOOK page or email us your picture directly to newsletter@pamelasproducts.com

Cake Mix
Gluten Free for Halloween
Halloween is almost here and our children are counting down the days until they can head out for some trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. But if you have a child who is gluten intolerant or has food allergies, how do you keep your children safe? We have a few ideas for you that ensure your child does not miss out on the fun.
  • Consider hosting a Halloween party at your home. Invite your child’s friends and prepare a tasty spread of gluten-free meals. In my home we serve witch’s brew (a chili, or you can try our Swamp Stew) and put out a variety of gluten-free toppings kids can build to taste. Consider shredded cheese, crushed corn chips, sour cream, cilantro, tomatoes, onion, and avocado slices. Pamela's Sweet Potato Cornbread goes great with this dish, too. Access our website for more edible Halloween ideas to serve your favorite ghosts and goblins, or you can search our recipes by product, meal type or occasion.
  • There are many candies that are gluten-free and safe for kids with food allergies. If you do decide to allow your kids to trick-or-treat, make it very clear that they do not eat any of the candy until they return home. You and your child can then sort through the candy list and remove any suspect items.
  • Another option that will allow your child to enjoy trick-or-treating and stay safe is to have them trade in their candy for a better, more health-conscious alternative. For example, in exchange for their candy they can get a toy at the store of a specified value, a special activity day of their choice, or pick the restaurant for a family dinner. Be creative and create a swap that will be desirable to your child.
  • Many local dentists participate in a Halloween Candy Buy Back program Dentists will buy back your child’s candy for cash or prizes, and the candy will be sent to our deployed US military. You can check the website to see if a dentist in your area is participating.
Safe Trick-or-Treating
Trick-or-treating is often a very exciting event for children. The opportunity to dress up as someone or something else and run from house to house in anticipation of free candy is pure bliss for any child! But as parents we know the importance of keeping all children safe on All Hallow’s Eve. Here are some tips that I have found to be helpful when out and about Halloween night.
  • It seems like common sense, but it is important to talk about safety and rules before heading out in the dark. Children can get so excited at the prospect of heading outside for treats; it is good to have a quick reminder in advance.
  • Carry a large light stick, flashlight or other, similar object. This will help children easily spot you at all times and stick with the group. Trick or treating can be chaotic with kids disguised in costumes and the frenzy of activity. Anything you can do to stand out in the crowd is a good thing.
  • Have children always stick with a buddy. The Buddy System helps ensure that nobody gets lost.
  • Tote along a small, basic first aid kid. Trips and falls are common when children are out walking in the dark. Anti-bacterial cream and band-aids can come in handy when a mild injury occurs and lets kids quickly get back to the trick-or-treating!
Homemade Halloween Costumes
Homemade Halloween Costumes
Halloween costumes are getting more and more expensive these days, and for someone on a budget or with a big family, $30 and more for one costume is just out of the question. The less expensive ones sometimes are lower in quality and barely make it all the way through the Halloween season after pumpkin patch visits, school parties, and of course trick-or-treating.

The costumes available can also leave some people feeling less than satisfied. This is particularly true with a lot of costumes marketed to females. Younger and younger girls are having to dig through costumes that some might find offensive or not age appropriate. A costume at Walmart has recently caused debate when someone pointed out an outfit targeted to toddler girls was titled "Naughty Leopard" and another was "Devil Diva". Read article HERE.

To eliminate some of the dilemmas above, we went searching for ideas for fun homemade costumes for everyone! From adorable toddler duck and chicken costumes made out of inexpensive feather boas and felt, to adult jelly fish costumes made out of a clear umbrella with streamers, there are endless ideas to choose from. This is a great way to be crafty and unique, and you won’t have to worry about showing up to a Halloween party wearing the same costume as anyone else.

Martha Stewart has ideas for adults, children, babies, and even pets! Another website we found that has great ideas for everyone is Spoonful.
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