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Let's Celebrate Together!
I have always viewed June as a transition month, and a month of change. Spring officially ends, and we move into summer. Many of our children and other loved ones are graduating a school grade and moving on to a new chapter in their lives. The coming of June signals a pivotal time of change as we embark on eagerly awaited vacation plans, adapting to the new schedule of our children, or simply preparing for the warm weather of the upcoming sunshine months.

This month we have some new recipes to share and offer some ideas to help celebrate the graduates this year. And, we have not forgotten dear Dad this Father's Day. We also have some new summer fun tips as you get ready for the season.

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New Recipes From Pamela's
We have two brand new recipes to share with you this month. The first is a delightful Cookie Cake that is a great birthday treat, but also perfect for graduation or Father's Day.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake,
made with All Purpose Flour BlenD.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cake,
made with Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix.

We also have a tasty ciabatta-style Submarine Sandwich Roll. Fill this tasty roll with your favorite sandwich fillings for a hearty meal or cut up into finger-sized pieces for entertaining.

Also try our delicious Peach Berry Crisp, great for warm summer nights!

For Dear Dad
So, what does Dad really want this Father's Day? I struggle with this every year as I try to surprise him with a "perfectly planned" day with the family. After 12 years of marriage, I have finally realized I need to ask, and not make surprise plans. Maybe Dad needs a Sunday break from family obligations and a night out with his guy friends? Or, does he enjoy spending a meticulously planned day with the family? It may even be a combination of both. And then I have my own dad to think about, and what he could possibly want that he doesn't already have!

There's one thing that all dads have in common: they enjoy a good meal! Pamela has compiled a delicious collection of Father's Day recipes for you to choose from to celebrate dear Dad.

We would love to hear from you how you celebrated Father's Day - from dad, mom, children, and grandchildren. Send your tips and and ideas so we can share with all the Pamela's family in future newsletters. Please email me at newsletter@pamelasproducts.com
"I'm already a Pamela's fan, having discovered your Baking & Pancake mix upon Celiac diagnosis 5 years ago. But was just lamenting to my husband how much I missed fig newtons when I came across your new Figgies at our local Natural Foods (Vitamin Cottage) grocer in Denver. Absolutely wonderful! Soft, moist (just the right amount of outer cookie), full of good fruit and fig - you got this RIGHT! I give you 5-stars!"

        - A Happy Pamela's Product Customer
Congratulation, Graduates!
Graduation is a very special and important time in one's life, which means no celebration is too big. But that does not have to mean expensive gifts and elaborate parties. Sometimes, it is the simple gifts from the heart that have the biggest impact. Whether it is pre-school or college graduation, here are some ideas to let that special person know how proud you are of their accomplishments.
  • Create a memory book of moments you and the graduate have shared. A scrapbook makes for a wonderful gift. I envy all the crafty scrapbookers out there, but if you are like me and a bit craft-impaired, there are plenty of digital scrapbooks you can create online. I am a personal fan of Smilebox, and you can email, post to social media, or professionally print your scrapbook for the lucky recipient.

  • What about a simple, homemade "Congratulations, Graduate!" certificate? You can create your own or do a google search for online, customizable templates (many are free). Personalize it - make it fun, silly, or heart-felt, whatever will bring an appreciative smile to your graduate's face.

  • Is the graduate having a party? How about a photo poster board to put on display with pictures and commentary? It is such a nice way to celebrate the guest of honor and often evokes wonderful stories and memories to share from all in attendance. Consider having an accompanying journal book with the storyboard. Let everyone share a memory, a congratulatory note, or words of wisdom for the graduate.

  • A homemade meal or treat is always a great way to show someone you care. Check out our Graduation recipes for some delicious ways to toast the graduate.
Don't Get Burned This Summer
Summer means an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. But, a day in the sunshine requires proper planning to avoid too much sun exposure and avoid sunburns, age spots, premature wrinkling and cancer. According to the Center for Disease Control, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. We've compiled a few simple reminders to make sure you stay safe this season.
  • As Cheryl here in the Pamela's office discovered recently, sunscreen has an expiration date and becomes ineffective. (Cheryl learned the hard way with a painful sunburn.) Check the expiration date and immediately discard and replace anything with a past due date.

  • Use an SPF of 15 or greater. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It serves as a measure of how much ultraviolet (or UV) radiation it takes to burn unprotected skin when compared to how much it takes to burn when sunscreen is applied. So, do not think the higher the SPF, the less frequently you have to reapply. Plan to reapply every 2 hours or after doing any swimming or activities that make you sweat.

  • Wear a wide brimmed hat to cover your face, neck and ears, and if you wear a baseball cap or visor, be sure to apply sunblock to your ears and the back of your neck.

  • Wear your sunglasses! They not only protect that delicate skin around your eyes from premature wrinkling, but protect you from UV rays and the risk of cataracts. Most sunglasses in the USA have both UVA and UVB protection.

  • Finally, our tips on sun safety would not be complete without telling you to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Depletion of your needed body fluids can be particularly easy in hot weather. Keep a re-usable water bottle handy. Alison is our Social Media Manager and her husband works for Lifefactory. It has become the water bottle of choice for Pamela and her team at the water cooler.
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