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Celebration Time!

There is always something to celebrate here at Pamela's and to find a reason to eat cake! But the upcoming weeks are indeed a reason to indulge with graduation and Father's Day coming in June. Pamela has whipped up some recipes for hearty meals and tasty finger foods for any of your summer celebrations!

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Summer Recipes
Pamela's Celebratory
Summer Recipes

Pamela and team have been working in the kitchen to provide you some great gluten-free foods for the many reasons (or non-reasons) to celebrate this month of June. And, be sure to check our website, Facebook and Pinterest later this month so you do not miss out on great recipes for the 4th of July.

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I just wanted to write and thank you for making such a wonderful product! My son is picky, on top of having to be gluten free, and he loves the Whenever Bars. They have been a life saver for us. He's 7 so driving in the car to school, scouts, soccer... sometimes I need to have them on hand. Please keep up the wonderful work and I look forward to trying more products from your line. Thanks again for making a great product and tasty too!!!
- A Happy Pamela's Customer

It's all about DAD!
Father's Day falls on the third Sunday in June every year. It was officially declared a holiday in 1972. There are lots of ways you can celebrate dear Dad (at Pamela's, we naturally prefer to start his day off with a hearty breakfast). Here are some fun ideas for you to simply enjoy the day:
  • How many times have we made dad follow us around the mall carrying our shopping bags? Why not take dad out to his favorite store and let him pick out his favorite "toy". And, why not carry his new purchase home for him, too!
  • Plan a personalized home movie night for Dad. Pick out a couple of his favorite movies, prepare his favorite snacks and beverages, and spend some quality time with him.
  • With the weather warming up in June, spend the day poolside. Pack a picnic lunch (Pamela's bread makes great sandwiches) with lots of refreshments and water to keep hydrated.
  • Visit a local museum or art gallery. Not only can you make it an enjoyable outing, but an educational one as well.
  • Get out and get some fresh air. Go for a hike, a fishing trip, ride bicycles or even take a leisurely stroll. Getting active and outdoors is good for the body and the mind.

Travel Tips when you are Gluten-Free
Traveling when you are gluten-free does not have to be a stressful experience, but it does require some planning. In fact, we posed this question out to our online social community, and they gave us some great feedback. As one or our followers said, advance preparation allows her to relax later on. Here are some great tips from both Pamela's and our community of friends.
  • Pack snacks for the plane or car ride. Pamela's Whenever Bars are perfect for on-the-go munching. Or bake Pamela's muffins, wrap securely in saran wrap, and you are all set.
  • Bake Pamela's bread in advance, wrap it in a Ziploc bag, and put it into a shoebox. This will ensure your bread will not be crushed during your travels.
  • "Do your homework," says Sarah W. Make sure to research gluten-free restaurants in advance so you know where you can eat safely.
  • Erin O. told us that when she travels abroad she carries gluten-free restaurant cards in the native language. She also does internet research to find out what celiacs in the local community recommend.
  • Main Street Market shared glutenfreetravelsite.com (and you can also get the app). The site is an "online collection of user-submitted gluten-free dining and travel tips from around the world."
  • Christina M. pointed out that it is also important to travel with someone who understands your dietary needs - who will not make you feel bad or inconvenient due to your allergies. Traveling with a supportive person can ensure a much more pleasant vacation.
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